Hello, i'm Dorra.
If you looking for nice real girl, if you looking for party girl, i'm available for you in USA!.

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I am a master at creating an atmosphere of seduction. If you dont belive, just meet me and you will know that. Haha. I enjoy exploring new things, and can’t wait to try them all with you.

Do you have a fantasy you’d like to explore with me? I will have a great pleasure in making them a reality. I love a man that knows what he wants. You will agree that I have magical talents to put you at ease while I stimulate your mind, body and soul.

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I'm Russian
Age: 22
Hair : Lite Brunet
Height: 5.6
Eyes color: hazel
Weigh: 115 lb
Great Body

Give in to temptation, and spend an afternoon, evening or longer with me. I am waiting for you.

Welcome to my World! I appreciate your visit to my site.

I'm so sorry, but no black man.




My contact will be available when i'll arrive to USA

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